5 Quotes Regarding Child Marriage

In the 8 months I’ve been posting about child marriage here are some of the memorable people and quotes that have struck a cord with me.

Vision of FORWARD

Quote courtesy Forward

FORWARD – Foundation for Women’s Health Research and Development.

I had the pleasure of interviewing two associates from the organisation, Ambassador Gavin Weston and Events and Special Projects Coordinator Naomi Reid.

Please visit Forward’s website and check out the amazing work they are doing.

Quote from Peris Tobiko

Source: Global Press Institute



Peris Tobiko – First Maasai woman elected to Kenyan Parliament.

To appreciate the significance of this win for Mrs. Tobiko, you have to understand how difficult it was for her to get to where she is. She grew up in a culture where girl’s education was not valued and it was normal for parents to marry off their daughters at a very young age. During the election she had to put up with dirty tricks from competing male Parliament hopefuls. Read more about Peris Tobiko’s election.


Quote from Girls not bride



Girls Not Brides – Global Partnership to End Child Marriage

Child marriage is a global problem that cuts across countries, cultures, religions and ethnicity. It denies girls their rights to health, to live in security and to choose when and whom they marry. It cuts short girls’ education and traps them, their families and their communities in a cycle of poverty.

Learn more about Girls Not Brides here.

Gavin Weston quote regarding child marriage

Quote by Gavin Weston

Gavin Weston – Author of the novel Harmattan.

Harmattan is a novel that takes us into the mind of a 12-year-old girl who is forced into marriage after the death of her mother. The novel serves as a vehicle for raising awareness of child marriage. As an Ambassador for FORWARD, Mr. Weston promotes the campaign at book signings and speaks at conferences regarding child marriage.

Read more about Harmattan here. In case you missed it check out my interview with Mr. Weston here.

Coexist founder quote

Quote from Wanjala Wafula

Wanjala Wafula – Founder of The Coexist Initiative

The Coexist Initiative is a Kenyan community-based organisation that works alongside boys and men to eliminate all forms of gender-based violence. Coexist was awarded the African Achievers Awards 2012, celebrating the successes of engaging men and boys as a means to empower young girls.

Check out my article on The Coexist Initiative.