Introducing, Cathrina Constantine

Cathrina Constantine photoToday we are joined by Cathrina Constantine, author of Incense and Peppermints. Cathrina shares a few of her writing habits. Enjoy!

Tell us about a favorite character from your book.

At this point in time, my favorite character is Michael from Incense And Peppermints. Michael is a misunderstood, bad boy. And it helps that he’s outstandingly gorgeous. While rumors abound about Michael’s past history, (sorry, I can’t leave spoilers) in truth he’s really a decent guy that has been dealt a bad hand.

Describe your writing style.

I’m a total pantser. The only book where I had to make some kind of an outline toward the end was for Don’t Forget To Breathe. I rewrote the ending three times because even I couldn’t decide who was going to be the killer….

Do you have any suggestions for beginning writers? If so, what are they?

For beginning writers, I’d say to read, read, read, and not only the genre that you’re interested in writing. I feel you gain inspiration from many sources. Also, and this is a hard one, grow a thick skin of armor. Rejection is normal when you hit the querying trenches, and it can take years and years. But like everyone says, and it’s so true, it only takes one Yes!

And, I’m finishing with perseverance is a must!!!!

About Cathrina Cathrina Vonstantine lab

Cathrina resides in Western New York with her husband, five children, two Labrador Retrievers and her cat, Bones. Author @chbbpublishing. Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly. When not attached to her computer, she likes to take long walks in the woods with her dogs, drink way too much coffee, and is an avid movie watcher. She loves music and doesn’t need a dance floor to shake a leg.

Connect with Cathrina: Amazon Author Page | Facebook | Twitter | GoodReads | Website

Incense Peppermints book coverTitle: Incense and Peppermints by  Cathrina Constantine
Published:  March 10th, 2017
Publisher:  CHBB Publishing
Genre:  YA Fiction

Content Warning:  Smoking and drug use

Synopsis:  In 1969 it was an age of peace demonstrations, sit-ins, burning of the U.S. flag, an escalation of the Vietnam War. Including the catalyst—a music revolution, flower power, hippies, marijuana, and drugs, spurring a young generation into a new decade.

Sixteen-year-old Mary believes it’s time to cut the apron strings and fly. New experiences and new friends, Mary crosses the threshold of adolescence with a bang. When her brother offers her the solution in the form of a little pill, the rumba going on in her brain should’ve been a forewarning.

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