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Photo by hdtwist.en.alibaba.com

Photo by hdtwist.en.alibaba.com

Did you know that you can tell how fresh bread is in the grocery store, by just looking at the color of the twist-tie on the package? Did you know that bread makers deliver fresh bread five days a week? Blue on Monday, green on Tuesday, red on Thursday, white on Friday and yellow on Saturday.

Did you know? 

Photo by Thisoldhouse.com

Photo by Thisoldhouse.com

To sharpen a dull pair of scissors, use aluminium foil. Do this by folding the foil into several layers then cut with a scissors to sharpen the blade.

Source: Thisoldhouse.com

Oh hair

Photo edited by Sherrian Felix

Photo edited by Sherrian Felix

Did you know that Mayonnaise will kill lice and also condition your hair? 

Did you know that you can use Budweiser beer to condition your hair. (Why Budweiser I wonder… Why not Corona or Coors?)  

Did you know that you can use Cool Whip to condition your hair in 15 minutes. (Watch out Pantene!)

For heavy dandruff use vinegar. (Move over Head and Shoulders)

Did you know that you can remove gum from your hair by rubbing peanut butter on the gum? Work through with your fingers and wipe the excess away with a cloth. (Bet the oil in peanut butter is good for your hair too)

Stain Alive

Photo edited by Sherrian Felix

Photo edited by Sherrian Felix

Did you know that you can use Morton salt to remove wine stains from fabric? The wine absorbs into the salt.

Use Mayonnaise or Colgate toothpaste to remove crayon marks off of walls.

Another great use of Colgate is to remove stains on clothes. (I’ve used it to remove pimples and it works like a charm, it dries it right up!)

You can remove grass stains by using Karo Syrup. (I wonder if another brand would work?)

Coca Cola will remove grease stains from the driveway if left overnight. Use it to remove corrosion from car batteries as well.


You can keep plant soil moist by adding sponge to the bottom of the pot before adding soil.

What everyday products have you used in an unconventional way?

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