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I am Gillian Felix, author and entrepreneur. I started Plain Talk as a place to talk about the things that I care about and connect to people with similar interest.

After publishing Changes, the first novel in my Family Portrait series, I needed to find a way to market it. I started getting involved with blog tours as a host for many different tour companies. Hence the birth of Plain Talk Book Marketing. I learned as much as I could about blog tours and built relationships with other bloggers. Not long after, I decided to put together my own blog tour and really enjoyed the process. Through trial and error I managed to put together a successful 2 month blog tour with 75 bloggers participating. The result… Changes climbed up the charts. It even hit number one on the Amazon bestseller’s list in it’s category for one straight month!

Changes at #1 on Amazon

Changes hit #1 before the re-branding

After putting together several tours for myself and other authors I fell in love with the whole process of organizing blog tours. I wanted to help other authors do the same, so I put together this how-to guide called Blog Tours: A Win-Win for Authors & Bloggers.

Three years and 700+ blog tours later, I still love it and I enjoy social media marketing. For me, marketing is another way to express my creativity. I also enjoy graphic design. By designing this website and the Family Portrait Series website, I got to incorporate the things I love.

My books haven’t always hit the best sellers list with every single tour I organize for myself, but I definitely get traction. Here are the results after a tour for the new cover.

Changes resized

While I cannot guarantee you the same results with your book(s), I would advise anyone to give it a try. Either way you increase discover-ability of your books or products. There are many blog tour companies out there and I still host for the best of the best.

Apart from the obvious benefit of discovering and promoting other authors, hosting drives traffic and cross-promotes everything on this website. If this were another industry, I’d be fraternizing with the competition, but I don’t see this as a competition, we’re all here to genuinely help authors.

Organizing a blog tour is not necessarily a hard thing to do— it just takes a lot of time and drive to research bloggers, contact them one-by-one and develop a relationship with them. It requires being very organized to keep track of which blog is hosting you on which date, what to send to which blogger, who requested what, creating graphics and sizing them correctly.

I used to be a script supervisor for films — the biggest part of that job is having to juggle many things at once. The only way I could get through a 14-hour shoot is by being militantly organized. That skill helps me tremendously in this business.

Since I’m not one to toot my own horn, here’s what people are saying about some of the tours I’ve organized.

Michael Pang, Author In the Eyes of Madness – “Gillian expertly coordinated the blog tour!  I was very happy with the results!”

June Hardison, Author A Long Walk – “If you are new to the business or just wanting someone to handle the immense load of pulling together a blog tour, Gillian Felix is definitely the one you will want to go too. She made the whole process so smooth and enjoyable. What is even more amazing is how real she is. You are not left feeling like just another client, but instead like you have a friend in this crazy and very competitive field. I will definitely be working with her again in the future.”

Leanne Jones, Author Trust the Process -“It was a wonderful experience working with Gillian for my very first blog tour. She is consistent, reliable and was an overall pleasure to work with.”


One of the things I do that you won’t get with other tour companies is that I promote you long after your tour ends. An example would be if you submitted a guest post on travel with your blog tour, I’ll promote it on #TravelTuesday or in the summer during the biggest travel seasons. Your book has a greater possibility of getting views if you submit a guest post that can entertain or help others. That’s why I always encourage submitting a guest post with your tour. Depending on the topic, your post can be evergreen. Just thought I’d throw a tip out there for you.




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