Quick and Easy Creative Food Ideas

Plain Talk Book MarketingThese quick and easy creative food ideas come from Maggie Cooks of TnT.

Kid friendly and comfort food.

Quick and easy creative food ideas

Vienna sausages and spaghetti

I love eggs and I’m always looking for new ways to prepare eggs. Check these out.

Quick and creative foods

Mushroom egg

Quick and creative foods

Red and green peppers with eggs

Stuffed potatoes

The recipe adds seasonings between the slices and add cheese.  I think french onions between the slices would be a good addition then top with cheese.  If you try it lets compare.

Creative and easy food idea

A new twist to baked potato

Bacon and tomatoes

I’m not really a big meat eater, I’d use veggie bacon instead. Any other suggestions for vegetarians for this snack?

Quick easy creative

Tomatoes and bacon

These were simply divine! So glad I could share them with you. Please feel free to share your own recipes. Until next time keep creatively eating!


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