Why USA Network Suits is a Winner

If you haven’t been watching Suits on USA Network and you like legal dramas, you are missing out. I don’t like legal dramas and I don’t have cable so you have no excuse.

I’ve had it on my Amazon Prime tv cue for a while but hesitated because like I said I don’t really like legal dramas. A couple of months ago (before the news of my beloved Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s engagement) I decided to give it a try. I hadn’t really heard about it until Meghan Markle and the Prince made their dating public so I was curious.

I had planned on watching ONE episode and ended up binge-watching the entire season. From the pilot, I was entertained by the mostly unknown (at least by me) cast.

Suits is a show that does not take themselves seriously with their witty banter, excessive use of “Goddamn” and the constant reference to pop culture and classic movies.

The Fashion

Everybody on that show is always dressed to the nines. They must spend a small fortune on wardrobe. Gabriel Macht can rock a Tom Ford suit better than any male runway model I’ve ever seen.

The ladies give office-wear a whole new meaning. Their outfits are what the rest of us would wear at a formal evening out.

The Drinking Game

You could start a drinking game with the amount of time they use the phrase “Shit the bed”. Never in one show have I heard that phrase being used so many times.

The Relationships

The relationship we want to root for is Patrick J Adams (Mike) and Meghan Markle (Rachel), we want them to ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after. But watch out, Harvey and Donna really do it for me. The two have such amazing chemistry and Harvey is a lost puppy without his secretary, Donna.

Girl Power

Yes, the show is about Macht and Adam’s characters but Gina Torres (Jessica), Sarah Rafferty (Donna) and Markle’s Rachel are really pulling the strings. Jessica is the owner of the law firm. Torres plays her with poise, grace, and class. Sure, she doesn’t always operate above board but who really does when millions of dollars are at stake? Right?

The Message

Mike has a gift, he has a photographic memory and because of that, not too many things can keep him engaged for a long period of time… except when it comes to the one thing that he is not allowed to do. Practice law.

If you’ve ever truly loved something and has a passion for it so strong that it burns in your soul, and “politics” has kept you from it then you’ll feel for Mike.

I have been in situations where I was good at something but wasn’t allowed to do it because of a certain reason. All it takes is one person to give you a shot, in Mike’s case it was Harvey.

Mike and Harvey Forever

Harvey and Mike are as in love with each other as two heterosexual men could possibly be. Harvey risked his entire career and his company because he believed in a stranger at the time, Mike. In turn, Mike’s loyalty landed him in prison.

I think it is impossible not to love these characters and their friendships. Even Louis Litt, who would do anything for Harvey’s attention but as they say “Always shit the bed,” is likable and relateable. Either you are him or you know someone like him.

How these characters made a difference in my life

They’ve thought me about loyalty, friendship, and how to be a team player. That no one is an island, we need people and we need to lean on people at times.

Even at work, before when I’ve had a good idea, I used to be shy about speaking up because everybody at the table has more experience than me, and if they hadn’t thought about my idea then it was irrelevant. I thought.

Turns out they hadn’t thought about it BECAUSE they have more experience and people who have been doing things the same way for years tend to be on auto-pilot. So someone with fresh eyes sees things differently. Things they might have missed for one reason or another. Someone who is excited is always ready to try new things.

Now I speak up, I am heard and my ideas are implemented. I’ve been channeling Mike Ross. He didn’t have the experience at Pearson Spector Litt, but he put his ideas out there, sometimes they worked, sometimes they didn’t but at the end of the day, he got to do what he loved.

Suits is not yet on Netflix but if you have Amazon Prime you can watch it.

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